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Last week I was out of town for a few days for business travel.  The rest of the week was a work week for h***.  The ending of the week was good as not only was my birthday coming up; it was a long weekend as I had today off as well!

So having some extra time this weekend, I completed my garment of the month which was the Kwik Sew top #4028 using a knit fabric from Fabric Mart. I am not all that happy about the top.  First it is too low at the neckline and I have to keep playing with the drape to get it to lay like I want.  I even raised the neckline 1.5 inches and still too low.  I have another drape neck pattern from KS that the neckline is too low as well.  I cut a medium in upper chest and shoulders switching to large at bust to bottom.  It was also way too long; I should have caught that during the fitting process.  After cutting off an 1inch and 1/2, I ended up hemming it another 1.25 inches and it called for 5/8 hem allowance.  Sleeves are cut on which were okay. 

I cropped photo as I did not have on much make up and I looked really wiped out with out it.  Here is a view of the back.
Even with sway back adjustment I needed to take out additional length in the back.  If I make this again and I doubt it, I will make that adjustment.
Sorry about the jeans and shoes in the photo above.  I was in a hurry to get some pictures taken.  Here is the top with black/camel skirt that I just don't like at all.  I have pressed and pressed this skirt and it still looks wrinkled.  I just can't get the fit right.

I know I sound "whiny" but I am just not loving my recent garment makes.

The other garment that I had not photographed is the McCall's 6844 oatmeal colored boucle knit.

I have a love-hate going on with this jacket.  I should have cut off more from the shoulder.  The boucle knit is rather bulky and I ended up stitching the lapels from hemline to waistline as they would not stay folded back and that definitely added bulk to me!  Not the look I was going for.
By stitching down the lapels it hangs better in the front.
I wish I had trimmed off some of the length of peplum in the back.  I feel it is too long.  I realized also that when I took this photo I had not removed some pins where I had pinned a deeper seam at the back peplum thinking that was a solution to the back length; I am still thinking on that one.  Thus the right side is hanging somewhat "wonky".

I decided to sew something with more color today.  It is a knit fabric I acquired from EOSin 2013.  This picture does not do it justice.

I am making the Renfrew cowl neck top from Sewaholic Patterns.  I made this one previously with good success and so far so good with this one. 

So back to work tomorrow.  And possibly snow in our future.  Later.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your Renfew, I think it also has a cowl neck and perhaps you would like that better, it has such good reviews. I really like your jacket but agree about the back length, I like it shorter.

  2. Thanks Carole for your feedback. I just posted about the Renfrew I have in the works and I do like that cowl neck much better.

  3. It looks as if you'll have to creative with the top. I sewed an insert into my cowl neck dress. The jacket is cute and I like the length of the back as it is now fashionable.

  4. You're right that pic doesn't do that fabric justice!

    I really like the cardigan in a thick beefy knit. I'd like one now :)

    I think you might be happier of you trim it. No sense having it if you won't wear it, right??

    1. I am thinking about trimming it as I know I will not wear it as it is.

  5. I do hate putting the sewing effort in and being unhappy with the results. That happens to me quite often:) I do like that cardigan from the front. I agree with MrsSmith, if you don't like the back length maybe just trim a little off.

  6. So sorry about your top, but I do love the cardigan.


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