Jacket update

I decided that I would use "Design Plus" fusible bias stay tape for the remaining edges of the jacket.
If you look at this fabric wrong, it ravels! 

I discovered that I was looking at View A peplum instructions; this view has double peplums.  So the lining of the peplum yesterday proved to be a waste of time.  I also realized this morning when fixing my first cup of coffee that I had not adjusted the front area of the peplum to match the added length due to FBA.  Thankfully I had enough fabric to cut out another peplum.  Here is the adjusted peplum piece with the 1.5 inch adjustment.  I had added 5/8 to the side back pattern piece for hip fluff and had added that to the peplum piece when I first cut out the pattern.
I attached the peplum pieces to front and back.  I tried on the jacket for additional fitting.  My jacket is looking more boxy than the drawing of the patterns on the pattern envelope and instruction sheet.  It looks like I really need to take deeper seams at center and side back seams as well as side seams from waist to hip area. 

I realize that this pattern line is drafted more for a pear shape person and I am definitely not that shape.  I cut the shoulder and upper chest at size 12 tapering to 16 at bust down.  Big mistake on my part, yet that is what I usually do with Vogue and Butterick.   All in all it is better that it is too large then too small.

More updates later.



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