Cordova update

I have made considerable progress on this jacket.   Of course I have chosen a fabric that ravels very much.  I used "Hug Snug" on the various seams.  I made the decision to do this as I knew that the edges needed this even if I am lining the jacket.  The weave is not real loose but loose enough to have a lot of raveling.  Serge finishing the edges did not go very well at all.  Sewing the bias binding to the seam edges took more time but in the end worth it.

The front/side front and back/side back pieces are sewn.  Peplum pieces are lined.  Next step sew the shoulders and sides seams; attach peplum; install separating zipper; sew front and back lining; insert sleeves in jacket and jacket lining; attach jacket and lining units.

Here is a collage of the various stages of the jacket in progress:
Upper left photo-showing how the fabric ravels
Upper right-Hug Snug attached
Middle left- front pieces pinned to Alma Marie
Middle right-back pieces pinned to Alma Marie
Bottom left-peplum
Bottom right-lining side of peplum



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