From Style Arc to New Look

Gosh time flies, I thought I had posted something earlier this week; obviously not.  Even if I had I would not have been able to say that the Style Arc top was complete.  I finished it up today and I am not overly excited about it.  It's okay but nothing great.  Photos to follow.

Likes: the fabric, the style (though may not be best style for me), easy to understand instructions
Dislikes: the size-runs large, dropped shoulders were too dropped for me and required two adjustments for proper fit; neckline very low and I raised it an inch and 1/2- still low; neckband to fiddly to work with and cut on straight of grain, does not work well that way.  Decided to use bias binding, stitch and turn, then top stitch.

I will probably wear it around the house, perhaps not out in public as much as I thought.  Will have to see.

Moving on to New Look 6150.  This has been in my sewing line up for some time now.  I have two knit fabrics from EOS that I am considering using to make this top. One has been in the stash for over 6 months and the other for about 3 months.  From the reviews I read on Pattern Review, I think this will be a nice pattern to sew.

I also have several dress patterns I want to work on.  I need some time off again just to sew!

Updates later.


  1. You are the first person I have heard say the Style Arc pattern ran large. You are supposed to get your ready to wear size, did you order the wrong size?

  2. I actually wear a size 14 P in tops/blouses and 12/10 for skirts and pants. The first pattern I made using a 14 was large also. Thus went with 12. I have rather narrow shoulders and somewhat larger bust. Being petite also creates some fitting issues.


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