Computer issues

Since my last post, I have had some computer issues that were finally resolved today.  I really did not have a whole lot to post as sewing in short spurts of time has become no sewing as I have not had moments here or there.

I will share with you that I purchased some new fabric, as if I did not have enough as it is.  This was three knit pieces from Fabric Mart.  Let me say that all three pieces are lovely and the weight and feel of the fabric is superb.  Photos to follow; no time to take photos either.

I do have pattern pieces cut out for a New Look knit top but have not completed the pin fitting yet. The front pieces for the view I am using have been printed with size 12 and 16 on the left and right front pieces with size 14 being printed on another pattern paper.  Thus I am having to overlay the the pieces to get the right transition from 14 to 16 at bust to waist.  I hate when pattern companies do that!

Happy to have my computer back up and running.  More updates later.  Hope your weekend is a nice sewing weekend.



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