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In responding to my comments on the Style Arc top, a comment from Anonymous mentioned that I had a blog link to Sew Hot Mommi, a porn site.  My response to this person was I did not know what s/he was talking about.  I was berated for having that on my blog.   First and foremost, I don't know how it got there; secondly I don't visit porn sites so I was just as surprised to find it on my blog roll as I was to get this comment.    Final point I wish people did not post anonymously and it would have been nice if this person could have emailed me personally and pointed this out instead of jumping to a wrong assumption.

I have had my email hacked before; I have had a credit and a debit card used fraudulently by someone, so I am not surprised that something like this can happen to a blog.  The offending link has been removed; so I will say thank you to Anonymous for pointing out that this link was on my blog roll.

I apologize to others who may have clicked on the blog link.  I did click on the blog roll link to see if the accusation was true.  It gave me a warning that the content may be objectionable; so I chose not to go any further.  It did not warn me that it was a porn site.  That warning probably does mean something offensive, perhaps Anonymous curiosity got the better of them.

Perhaps this is warning to all to periodically check their blog rolls.


  1. Linda,Oh, I'm so sorry that you've had this happen to you. Ick! When you say that it appeared on your blog roll, do you mean your "My Blog List" that's over on the left? If yes, how could someone else add something to your list? Eeek! Thank you for sharing what happened so that we can all be on the lookout for something similar.

  2. I would suggest the someone did not add it to the list, but that another website who was in the list was hacked which is unfortunate for them.

  3. Linda, I too am sorry this happened to you. It is not your fault. People do hack into sites and as Maureen says, this is likely to have been the case. whoever berated you was out of order - I too have clicked on links and found them not to be what they seemed - I never berated anyone, just am thankful I have good internet security that shuts my system down as protection. I also do no allow anonymous comments on my blog - that way, comments are limited to people who are happy to identify themselves.

  4. I've had similar problems. If I see an offhand comment, I delete it and move on. Unfortunately, ugliness is bound to pop up now and then.

  5. I too no longer accept anonymous comments. It's too bad as there are a couple of ladies who would comment, but always identified themselves. Sadly, there are people in this world that have nothing better to do with their time than try to hack, blogs, emails, bank accounts and so on. A neighbor told me about a situation between two other neighbors. As it turned out, had the neighbor who had the complaint just approached the other in a nice way, the problem would have been solved and no other neighbors would have been involved. It's such ashame that some people seem to feel that they need to make a statement rather than help and resolve things in a quiet manner.

  6. Sew Hot Momi used to be a legitimate sewing blog. Then it was corrupted and caused linked blogs a lot of trouble. I think you must have had his sitting in your blog roll, from way back when. You probably forgot all about it because the sewing posts stopped several year ago.
    It sounds like the blog or the name or whatever has completely changed. Nice of someone to let you know, but silly to do it anonymously and so stridently! It's pretty obvious that your site has nothing to do with porn.


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