Foot Magic and Patterns

The mailman delivered recent purchases.

In a previous post I mentioned Foot Magic.  This is a packet of 5 small pieces of stick on Teflon you can apply to various sewing feet to make them glide over difficult fabric.  Easy instructions to follow and will be trying on my buttonhole foot this AM so I can complete the KS jacket.

Foot Magic

I also received new patterns from the recent Club BMV sale.  I have to stay away from this site.

McCall's 6512McCall's 6650V1336V1340

Off to the sewing room now.  I cut out the KS vest pattern and that should be an easy garment to sew.  But first I am going to make that buttonhole.


  1. I have a couple of Teflon feet, but I can see that I really need that tape! Patterns, patterns, patterns, can we ever break our addictions?

  2. Gwen, the teflon material worked beautifully on my buttonhole foot. I finally have a nice buttonhole for covered button.


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