Next up-blouses/tops

I pulled some fabric that was acquired last year or this year for potential tops to go with this blue skirt as well as navy pants in my wardrobe. The fabric below was acquired from Vogue Fabrics in 2011.

 This is a fairly recent purchase from Fabric Mart; a rayon challis fabric.
This is fabric from Waechters Fine Fabrics in Asheville, NC.
What has not been decided is what blouse/top patterns I will use.


  1. Beautiful fabrics, Linda. You and I do have similar taste in style as well as fabric. Your third fabric I bought at Vogue's this year.

    1. I saw the Sandra Betzina top you made from this fabric. It really showcased the fabric. I have not decided what to make from that fabric; it needs to be one like yours that allows the fabric to shine.

  2. I love each of these fabrics. They are all so pretty!


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