Vogue 8805 Progress and lessons learned.

I pin fitted the dress pattern yesterday and determined I needed 1/2 inch FBA.  That was an easy fix.  I also had to make my usual upper round 5/8 inch adjustment, forward shoulder, shorten hip length, add back 1 inch to the hemline due to shortening hip length (I tend to forget to do that, as I usually take out about 2 inches) and swayback adjustment.  Because of the dropped sleeves and my petite size, I folded out 3/8 inch at the shoulder for the front and back pieces.   I completed all of this last night, taking about 2 hours from pin fitting to actual adjustments.

The dress is now cut out and basically ready to sew.  The cream colored crepe is very "see through" as the crepe fabric is on the thin side so I plan to underline with cream colored lining fabric.  The pink fabric too was thin and will underline that also.

I had some real issues cutting out the pink fabric; fortunately for me I normally buy more fabric online than a pattern calls for "just in case".  This was one of those just in case situations.  I used a quilting marking pencil to make the new marking on the pattern piece for the bust dart; it "bled" out on the front fabric piece. (I laid the pattern piece faced down on the fabric, never thought the marking would come off on fabric.  Lesson learned).   So I cut out another one but the crepe fabric was somewhat slippery so piece was cut out incorrectly. (Another lesson learned.)   Third time was the charm.  Back piece from same pink fabric was easy peasy to cut; proving an old dog can learn new tricks.

The lavender crepe has more body to the fabric, so I will probably not underline it.  With this piece being the bottom piece, this weight will serve well at the bottom and hemline.

I am now taking a neck and shoulder break. I cannot spend hours on end while in sewing room; I need to take short and frequent breaks.  My physical therapist will be happy to know I have also learned that lesson.



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