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Normally before I start to sew a certain pattern, I read through the instructions to get a feel for how it goes together versus how I thought it was going to be sewn.  I then think about their method and my method if different.  Many times I have chosen to prepare the garment using the instructions and other times I don't.

I pulled out the pattern instructions for the upcoming 3 color block dress and was thrilled to see that the pattern has B, C, and D cup sizes.  Whoohoo!!! I either did not pay any attention to that when I purchased the pattern or just simply forgot about it.  That makes pattern fitting so much easier.

I have decided I am going to use the cream, pale pink and lavender fabric for this dress When I purchased these fabric pieces I bought more of the cream fabric as I wanted to make two versions of this dress.  Yet if I decide not to do that, I have it for something else.

For now I am off to CURVES.  I am so happy that my neck and shoulder pain has pretty much gone away.  It is still under the surface a bit, but I know how to manage it.

Updates to follow.


  1. Okay this is on my list to make also and I didn't realize that the pattern had cup sizes too. Thanks for reminding me!

  2. I'm not familiar with the pattern, but I'm glad your neck is feeling better!


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