Vogue 8799

My intentions were to take photos of the completed Butterick dress.  It just was to wrinkled to do that.  So while I had the camera and tripod set up I decided to take photo of Vogue 8799 as all the photos I had of the completed dress were of those of the dress on the hanger.

This is the front of the dress. The fabric print is so busy that you cannot really see the unique front seaming lines of the dress when worn.
The shoes are a recent purchase from Zappos, Steve Madden pump in coral.  They look rather red in the photo. I am still thinking about whether they will blend enough with the orange in the dress to wear with them.  I have a pair of patent leather kitten heeled shoes that match the pink shade in the dress perfectly.  So I have another alternative.

Here is the back of the dress
And a side view
As I noted in the photo I still have fullness in the tummy area.  I took this up some and may do more before final wearing. 

Butterick dress photos soon.  Dress is on ironing board waiting for me to press it.

Next up for sewing is skirts.  I am going to try Pamela's Patterns Magical Pencil Skirt.  I have some red double knit fabric cut out and ready to test now.  Reviews for this pattern are pretty positive over at Pattern Review.

Update later.


  1. Love the dress and the fabric shouts summerrrr!

  2. Ah, good summer dress, Linda. I like the shoes with it because they look like they fit you well and are comfy. I'm looking forward to seeing the orange and pink dress, too.

    I finally realized I have to be logged into Google to comment and have to remember to log back out if I don't want to have Google track me all over the web.

    1. The shoes are comfy, my second pair of this style, just enough heel to be wearable all day.

  3. Love the fit and the print. You look great in it.

  4. That pattern is perfect to showcase the print. Very nice.

    1. Thanks Gwen. I think I want to make this in a solid and showcase topstitching to emphasize the unique seaming.

  5. Your dress is really lovely. I love the colors in the print.


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