To be or not to be

I have been struggling with what skirt to make.  It will be a pencil style skirt.  I have some new patterns with nice skirts, but  I also have some skirt patterns I have made with success and leaning toward using one of those because the fit is perfected.

As Sheila said on her blog, her sewing mojo is temperamental and I am feeling the same way.  I decided to do some straightening and rearranging in the sewing room.  Now that is done, hopefully I can settle on something and move on.


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  2. Now you know I'm gonna say use one of the skirts where you've perfected the fit...then you can just sew without thinking which will jump start your mojo! I'm sure of that!

    1. I did the Carolyn thing, making a McCalls skirt that I have made twice before.

  3. I agree go with a pattern that you've made. Its a good way to get your sewing mojo back on track.

  4. My sewjo is neurotic and flaky. Hah. I just work on what I feel like and move from there. I hope you are able to push through the lull.


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