Making progress

Red double knit washed and currently being dried.  Pattern pieces for black double knit have been cut out and ready to go.  Read through the instructions again briefly.  Dress calls for side zipper.

I have that but not sure it will be necessary as when I look at the pattern as it is on the model, it seems there would be enough room to pull over the head.  The pattern is described as close fitting, so that may make the zipper necessary.  Who knows, we will find out as we begin the journey of sewing this dress.

Next steps are to thread sewing machine and serger.  I have black and red thread so good to go.

As to the pattern adjusting for the other Butterick dress pattern, not done.  My intent was to have two projects ready to sew.  Yet I am feeling the need to actually sew something, so fitting for the other is on back burner.


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