Lining pinned and ready

The lining to the Butterick skirt is pinned and ready to attach.  All I need is few moments of sewing time. 

My next garment is going to be a jacket, this one from Sandra Betzina's Today's Fit pattern line.
Photo from Vogue Patterns website

I purchased some lovely faux leather/Sherpa fabric from EOS.  I was going to use a KS pattern that I made a jacket from before.  DH was really pushing me to make this one, which is rather unusual in that he normally does not suggest patterns for me to make that often.  I need to get started with this as I plan to have it completed to wear in our ASG Annual Fashion held at our annual holiday event.

I have some vacation time coming up around Thanksgiving so will have some extra sewing time, I hope, during that week.

More later.


  1. Great coat pattern and looking forward to your version.

  2. I'm a patternaholic so of course I have that Jacket pattern. But of course I'm scared of it. Can't wait to see you finish it.


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