I've got a feeling, that today is going to be......

A good day for sewing. 

Last two weeks have been so hectic at work that I had a major melt down on Friday-at least major for me.  A good Appletini and nice dinner with DH (who also had a crazy week) helped reduce the stress I was feeling.  After a good night's rest on Friday and last night, I am back to feeling happy again.

I also have been very sewing motivated today.  Last night I cut out the fabric for my next skirt again using the Butterick pattern shown in the right side of this blog.  This AM, following my coffee break and blog/email reading, I began the sewing of the skirt.  Here are a few shots of my skirt in progress taken with my iPad camera app:

The pleather is a brown/black croc skin that I think I purchased when I lived in Florida over 12 years ago.  It was going to be a purse, but that never came to be.  The bottom front of the skirt is a brown polyester gabardine acquired from Sewing Studio several years ago, which I was going to attempt to make a pair of pants.  That did not happen either.  So today both have become part of a new skirt.

The pleather has not been difficult to sew and mostly I have sewn from the wrong side which is more of knit type backing. When I topstitched the pieces I switched to a Teflon coated foot and that worked very well.  I decided I wanted to line the skirt so I will work on that this afternoon.

My next challenge is going to be a jacket using faux Sherpa/shearling acquired recently from EmmaOneSock.  Our ASG Christmas party always has a fashion show and this year the show will be about jackets.  More on this later.


  1. I like the mixture of textures you are using for this skirt and I look forward to seeing the finished product!

  2. I've been curious about making this skirt with pleather as well. So glad to see you making it, and it is looking really nice!

  3. Love your fabric choice on this one--that pleather is pretty fabulous.


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