Plans can go awry

My big plan for the weekend was to cut out and sew up Butterick 5556.  I woke up Saturday very ill.  I had some sinus issues which triggered an inner ear issue causing me some dizziness for most of the morning.  Taking some medication, going back to bed and sleeping several hours helped alleviate the problem.

Today I am much better and was able to cut out the skirt pattern.  I am using two wool pieces-wool gabardine.  One is labeled tobacco, a golden brown color.  The other is black. both are left over fabric pieces from other projects.  I am making the view that the model is wearing.  I also used the pattern pieces for the underskirt for another view to cut out lining fabric.  I always line wool.

Here is a shot of the front and side front pieces laying on the cutting table. The flash somewhat washed out the color of the tobacco wool fabric.  It is actually much darker than this.
I am not sure that I will get much more than this completed for today.  More updates later.


  1. Oh no, glad the rest helped you feel better. Hope the virus passes quickly so that you can add this new skirt to your wardrobe :)


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