New Shoes

UPS delivers not only fabrics but shoes. I love patent leather shoes and platforms. However, platform pumps are not so easy to wear when you are over a certain age. But this platform is subtle enough to work and for me to be comfortable. I could not get patent leather locally so ordered from Zappo's. What great and prompt service they have. This is my second pair from them. I also ordered some ball of the foot petals for comfort and to help with my feet sliding forward.

These will look great with the Vogue skirt as well as the black/white stripe one coming up next.
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  1. Having shoes delivered to your doorstep is even more fun than having fabric show up. Nice patent pumps! I've never used Zappos but they sure do have a great reputation don't they?

  2. Pretty pumps! They will definitely look great with the new skirt you are sewing.

  3. Isn't it fun having shoes delivered? Just like when I was a kid and we had bread and milk delivered!

  4. Those are lovely! I heart patent leather shoes and have several pair myself!


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