Almost complete

I only have to sew the grosgrain ribbon to waistline seam and hem to have a completed skirt.  I worked very hard to make sure that side seams and back yoke pieces lined up.  In one of Louise Cutting's workbooks she gives some great tips of making sure those type of seams line up well.  You need to baste them at matching points and then pin the remaining seams together.  You may still need to adjust, but the basting seems to help the most for me.

I used a regular zipper per the instructions.  I normally use an invisible zipper but decided I wanted to keep my skills up on inserting this type of zipper.

I love the fit of this skirt and think I have found my correct skirt size for now.  I did not make any fitting adjustments while sewing the skirt.  I did shortened the length between waist and hip as well as doing a sway back adjustment prior to cutting out the skirt.

I hope to have a completed skirt to show later.  Time for dinner!


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