Vogue Skirt in progress

I've make great progress on the Vogue 8750 skirt.  The front unit is complete.  I love the three pieces of the side front.  They went together very easily.   The fabric is from EOS and is a stretch woven fabric that looks like lace overlay.  I am actually using the wrong side of the fabric; but for me this gave a better illusion of lace and it appears more gray and black.

I continue to see a lot of gray and silver colored clothes in department stores and magazines.  So I want to add some of this to my wardrobe.

Here are a few shots of the skirt front:

Close up of side front pieces
Topstitching of the curved side pieces

Front and side front pieces stitched together

I started on the back pieces and should have a completed skirt tomorrow!


  1. Gray is definitely hot for fall! I've pulled a few pieces from the fabric closet that I collected the last time gray was hot, that I plan to use for fall sewing also.

    BTW, I love that EOS piece of fabric!


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