Dress is complete

First, thanks to all who gave me suggestions on skipped stitches.  I decided to reduce the stitch length to 2.5 and that helped. Another suggestion was using a stretch needle which I was already using.  The other thing I did was to slow down my sewing speed.  In addition to this while pulling fabric taut while sewing, I put more pressure on fabric behind the presser foot than in front and that seemed to help also.  I still had a few skipped stitches but much better than before.

The dress is complete.  I truly love the fit of the dress and the style.  Unfortunately I was not able to take photos last night of the completed dress; hope to do so tonight.  The dress has a real "mod 60's" look to it.  I like the dress so much that I am planning a second dress from it.


  1. Can't wait to see it. So nice when a dress comes together that we are pleased with!


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