Double knits and skipped stitches

The dress I have been working on and the blue Kay Unger dress were both double knit fabrics.   I had skipped stitches with both of them.  I read in Clair Shaeffer's Fabric Guide that sometimes you can expect skipped stitches with double knits.  She did not offer a solution.  Sandra Betzina in her Fabric Savvy and More Fabric Savvy does not mention this as a factor.

I am wondering if any one has experienced this with sewing double knit.  If so, what do you do to aid in preventing this?   I have tried using stretch needles as well as universal.  Sandra Betzina recommends a stretch or zigzag stitch and a 2 to 2.5 mm stitch length.  I normally like to use 3mm stitch on most everything I sew with this type of weight.  I never use a stretch stitch, to hard to remove if you have to.   I do hold the fabric taut while sewing which seems to help some and sewing slow helps.  I appreciate your comments.


  1. For most double knits a size 14 ball point needle works for me. Sometimes if the needle is too small skipped stitches are the result. HTH

  2. I am sewing up some double knit for a Riveria Jacket (hot patterns) and had skipped stitces this morning. I tried lots of different ball point needles but it didn't help. I looked at my More Fabric Savy book and it said 75 stretch needle. I only hada 70 and that worked. Good luck.

  3. I have a Bernina and it was skipping stitches when I did a tiny zig zag on knits... Drove me crazy. I tried every needle I had. And I changed threads. Nothing helped!! I finally went and purchased some thread lubrication and applied it to the thread after it passed through the tension disks. ( I did not apply it to the spool of thread as I didn't want to get the stuff in my machine) no more skipped stitches... Worked like a charm.


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