Saturday sewing

Went to CURVES this morning and came home to find DH up and around.  He had a particularly bad night last night-restlessness, nervousness, etc.  Some I think is coming from medication and sheer boredom while recuperating. 

After fixing us a light breakfast, I spent sometime in sewing room.  I needed to set up the serger and sewing machine.  Once that was completed I started sewing the dress lining.  I like to start with the lining sometimes as I can do some tweaking of fit before tackling the actual sewing of the garment fabric.  I spent time reading the instructions last night just to get a feel for the process per Vogue. 

I will be deviating some.  For example, they have you sewing the front and middle front bodice pieces together and then topstitch.  Next you sew the side front to middle front piece and do the same.  IMHO, if this is the first time sewing this pattern and you are unsure of fit until you either baste or sew all of these pieces together and then fit it; then you do all of this edge/top stitching and have to make a fitting adjustment, that is a lot of stitching to remove.  So for me I am sewing the lining bodice pieces first and fitting.  If they need adjusting it will be easy to do.  From this I can then sew the fabric bodice pieces knowing what seam allowance to use-either deeper or shallower- then I can topstitch.

Thus far I have stitched the three lining front bodice pieces together.  Next I will stitch back bodice pieces together, baste to front and back midriffs/ baste side seams and then try on for fit.  More later, off to take a shower and run some errands. 



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