Kay Unger Dress progress

This pattern has presented some sewing opportunities.  First let me say that I am glad that I used the pivot and slide method for the FBA.  This worked perfectly and the fit is just right. 

I spent a considerable amount of time this AM working on the lining and making fitting adjustments with that before tackling the fabric.  I have a narrow back from the underarm down to waist, so princess seams in the back are great for making fitting adjustments.  By working on the lining first, I determined that I needed to go from 5/8 SA to 7/8 from under arm to end of back bodice.  The back midriff had to be adjusted as it was too wide after taking the deeper seams.  I trimmed the excess from the midriff side piece.

The front midriff piece was adjusted earlier during the FBA adjustments but is still lacking about 1/2 inch at the sides.  I had enough material to cut a new midriff piece for fabric and lining.    I actually made the front midriff piece fit by snipping along the upper edge but decided that weakens the fabric and because I had enough left over fabric I preferred to cut new midriff pieces.

After reviewing the pattern instructions further I decided to use them for attaching the bodice fabric and lining.  It was necessary to make the front crossover piece to work appropriately before attaching to midriff.
Here are some photos of some of the sewing I did earlier today:Center -mid back bodice attached and topstitchedTopstitching upper bodice-frontUpper bodice fabricUpper bodice lining


  1. Kay Unger patterns are so very nice. I'm sure you will do well with it.


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