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Random Question for you: I am looking into dress forms and I saw that you bought a Uniquely You dress form back in 2006. It looks like you are still using it from your pictures. How do you like it now? How well is it holding up? Any advice for those scoping out the market on dress forms?

I like the Uniquely You dress form, though it could use some adjustments as I my measurements have changed a little since this was created.  The shoulders are too wide, always have been. I probably should shave them down.  I like this form better than the hard shell ones from Dritz.  For the price, I like this form better than others I have had.  You can use pins to easy pin pattern or fabric onto the form.  Hard shell forms, not so.

There are some more expensive and perhaps a little better forms out there.  I searched a lot of sites, even eBay for dress forms and in the end this was the one for me.  It has held up real well and because my sewing room is so small, it gets moved around a lot.  It has handled that well.


  1. Yeah that's my problem with my Uniquely You dressform too - her wide shoulders and perfect posture - neither of which I have!


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