Cutting and cutting

This morning I completed the cutting out of the Simplicity skirt pattern.  I cut out the skirt fabric last night.  I like to line my skirts and though this pattern does not call for a lining, I do.  So this AM I pressed some Ambiance navy lining fabric that I purchased earlier this year and then cut the skirt lining.

I decided to cut out the fabric for the Sencha blouse by Collette patterns.  Sometimes I just prefer to cut out several patterns so that I have several in the queue to sew.  I had ideas to cut out several other patterns but nixed that plan to move forward with the sewing of these two patterns.

My Club BMV patterns arrived yesterday so will again plan to work on the Kay Unger dress once I adjust the bodice.  I have decided not to use the black/white diamond faille fabric at this time.  I have a lovely royal blue double knit that I think will make up well for this dress pattern.  I suppose I must be in a "blue" sewing mode at this time.

Updates later.


  1. Love your new blog design...and can I please have some of your energy (no kidding).


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