Your either in or your out!

It's out!  I am putting aside the Lutterloh top.  I am frustrated with myself over the "rookie" error I made.  So I decided to move on to some other projects.  I also am waiting for the mailman to deliver my Vogue replacement pattern, so that dress project is on hold.

This is now in!  I have a beautiful navy blue fabric from EOS, it is RPL (rayon,poly,Lycra).  I made another skirt from the same type of material a year ago and I love the fit, feel and wear of that skirt.  I think this will be the same.  I am using a Simplicity skirt pattern purchased within the past month or two.  I cut out the pattern pieces and will pin fit them later.

I also have this lovely fabric (above) acquired from Fabric Mart earlier this year.  I had always planned to use it to make another Collette pattern-the Sencha blouse which stays sold out on her website.  I made this blouse several months ago from some leftover fabric I had in my stash.  As many people have mentioned the blouse is rather full through the upper chest/shoulder/neckline area; mine was also.  The bust, waist and hip fit well.  So I decided to go down two sizes in that upper area.  This fabric is darker looking than shown in this photo.

So the blues are in and looking forward to making these soon.


  1. Beautiful fabric! I think it will look lovely as the Sencha blouse!


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