Question regarding "Fitting Pattern" post

Taken from comment section on article I wrote on Fitting Patterns back in August 2007.  Can't believe that it was three years ago!!
"kathleen said...

People have misread what I've said before so I know this can happen, but did she really say this?

"Lynda's premise is you fit from waist to shoulder point first."

Could it have been shoulder to waist first? I mean, did she say to start fitting by moving up from the waist or going down from the shoulder? I would consider this a big deal.

kathleen said...

I don't mean to be a pain in the butt but I've returned several times to see if my question has been clarified. The answer to this question would tell me whether I should get this item or give it a pass (people ask for my opinion on this stuff all the time). I'd write you directly but I don't have your email address. I am hoping you can find the time to respond when you have a moment in your busy day. Thanks so much. "

Kathleen, I read your earlier comment and put aside to answer.  Then I forgot about it, I apologize.  After receiving your second comment, I pulled out the book on De-Mystifying Fit by Lynda Maynard. On page 6 of her book, she states "Start with the pattern back because it is flat and torso proportions are easy to see.  Align the sloper onto the pattern, matching the waist and center back.  The length proportions are the first ones to address.....Have a look at the overall length from waist to neck/shoulder area, nothing the shoulder point."

On page 81 she is discussing a blouse pattern, which a person she is working with for fitting examples in this book, has selected.  She states "begin with the blouse back as always.  Align the center back at the waist level."  She then points out several differences regarding the person's sloper and the blouse pattern she chose.  She then focuses on  how much length from the person's waist to her neck/shoulder level and how this person's shoulders are very square compared to the shoulder slope of the pattern.

So she is stating that she starts at the waist and works up to the shoulder.  Hope this answers your questions!


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