Started work on Lutterloh pattern

Today DH had to take care of some personal business and thus I had free time after work to sew.  First I stopped at Panera Bread for one of their great salads.  Then after getting home and getting into shorts and t-shirt I began sewing on the Lutterloh top. 

The knit I am using is rather lightweight and also rather fiddly.  The top has two tucks and one dart in the center at the neckline.  When adding a FBA to this top I removed the resulting side dart and moved it to the tuck at the neckline.  I was concerned when I sewed the tuck and dart that I had potentially made a mistake.  After attaching the front sleeves, I held the top up and I think that I am okay with the tuck and dart take up.  If not it can be easily adjusted.

That is as far as I got. Yet it was nice to have a sewing moment or two without interruption and after working all day.  I took this shot of the top using my cell phone.


  1. Love the fabric, it's a really interesting pattern.

  2. I have this same fabric, and was thinking it might be the next one to go under the, scissors! Can't wait to see what you do with it!


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