White jacket

The jacket pattern has been adjusted-FBA/FSA/Swayback/shortened sleeves. The fabric has been cut with only sleeve lining needing to be cut out as well as fusible interfacing for front and back facings.

This fabric I won at an auction that our local ASG conducted two years ago as a fund raiser. This fabric was also mixed in with 2 yards of tartan wool fabric and chocolate brown quilted fabric. I was going to make a vest with the quilted fabric but never got around to making it. I actually had another fabric piece in mind when I decided to make a white jacket; after pulling that piece out I discovered that it is an off white. I remembered this fabric and this is truly white.

I am feeling under the weather today. I have been fighting allergies and felt much better a few days ago. Yesterday afternoon, my throat started hurting and today though throat is better I have lost my voice. After cutting out the jacket pattern, I felt tired and lethargic. I have just stayed in the lazy boy chair all afternoon. If my energy picks up, I plan to at least cut out the sleeve lining fabric and fuse the interfacing. Later.


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