Business travel and sewing

Well I did get some sewing in yesterday and a little this AM. My dress is almost complete. If I had only another hour it would have been finished. I had to travel to Richmond this afternoon for two days of business meetings so could not finish the dress. I am sitting in hotel room now writing this post.

I deviated a little from how I normally line sleeveless dresses and decided to use the technique used in the pattern instructions. So I have a little hand sewing to do at the upper edges of the shoulder/armscye. I also need to hem the dress and the lining. It will then be complete.

Because I wanted to take advantage of the border on one selvage edge, I had to placed the hemline of the dress pattern at the selvage edge. I added 1/2 inch for attaching lace to the hemline so I could turn up that 1/2 inch to hem.

I re-pleated the neckline edge to better fit that area for my upper chest and bustline. I like the outcome the changed pleating made. I took some shots of the dress before I left town.
Here is a neckline close up. Here is a back view, hanging on a hanger is not the best look. And of course a front view.

I need to make a jacket to go with this dress and may try my hand at the one included with the pattern, though there are several others I want to try as well. I have some white fabric to use for the jacket and could use it with several other garments as well.

Going to shut down now and prepare for tomorrow's meeting. Later!


  1. That is such a pretty fabric. It's going to be great when it's done!

  2. I love what you are doing with this fabric. The dress looks wonderful.

    Rose in SV


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