More fabric, no sewing

Well this has been a busy, busy week at work. Two days in Richmond=extra hours the rest of the week to catch up. The only thing close to sewing is pinning in the area on the dress that needs to be hand stitched!

Hopefully this evening after grocery shopping I will spend some time in the sewing room completing the hand stitch work, sewing the lace to the edge of dress to hem and sewing the lining hem. Then done!

I think I have enough fabric left to make a short jacket to go with the dress. I also want to make a white jacket to go with this dress plus several other ones that I have in my closet already. You know I really don't like to sew on white fabric, I tend to always get something on it. I am taking the plunge though as I really need a white jacket!

Though not sewing I did order two knit fabrics from Lucy's Fabrics yesterday. I found a notice in my email this AM that they were shipped! Wow, quick service. Don't you love??



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