Thinking about spring

This is the time of year I put away the wools and heavier fabrics that I pulled for winter sewing. I began pulling fabrics from my collection of what I am going to consider sewing for spring and summer.

The photo on the left are neutral fabrics. All have been in my stash from one year to over 10 years. The bottom two came from Hancock's. The third from the bottom was acquired from Gorgeous Fabrics. The third from the top is a beautiful rayon fabric purchased from Textile Studios. The very top fabric I acquired while living in Florida and attending the National ASG meeting in Orlando.

The teals included fabrics from Vogue Fabrics purchased years ago. The second from the bottom actually came from Walmart. A very nice faux linen. The top fabric I believe came from and is a cotton Lycra blend.

The third photo is the pinks and lavender shades. The bottom fabric was another purchase from Textile Studios. Two fabrics came from EOS and the fuchsia pink and black fabric came from a fabric store in Hampton Roads, VA.
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  1. Its a little too early for me to put fall fabrics away yet. There is still snow on the ground and more predicted for this week. However, it's not to early for me to start buying spring fabrics which is bad because I know I already own some amazing spring/summer fabrics!

  2. Isn't it fun to pull out the Spring fabrics and dream?


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