More spring fabric plans

The left photo is two knit fabrics; I have way more knits but I pulled these two for my first spring sewing projects. One is brown and orange; the other is black and red. Both came from

The middle photo is greens for spring. The bottom fabric will definitely become a Chanel type jacket. The middle fabric I used previously for a Simplicity dress, with this fabric as the dress bodice with ruffles. This fabric came from a eBay seller. The other "fruit" fabric is a cotton stretch and I think I acquired this from Fabric Mart. It was also available on another site called "Sew It Up".

The final photo is yellow/gold/orange colors. Again there are fabrics acquired from one to six years ago. They include purchases from EOS, Fabric Mart, Les Fabrique in Charlottesville, VA, Fashionista Fabrics and Hancocks.
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  1. I'm just staring at the volume of fabric in this and the last post...ambitious! But I have no doubt you'll get them done, since you're good at sewing productivity!

  2. I made a retro summer dress out of the Fabric Mart fabric (I got a piece too) and it is one of my favorites...I think this will be the third summer and it still works!

  3. You are so good to be moving on to summer! It has been so blasted cold that I am still in winter mode!! It was nice today, but they are calling for snow again tomorrow!!


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