Sewing this weekend

Well my plan is to finish the blouse that I have not been able to do much with at this time. The collar stand and collar are complete. Sleeves next and then hem, buttonholes and attach buttons. All of this sounds like easy things to do. Yet sometimes I am amazed at how long it takes to do these things if you can not sit and sew without interuptions.

DH is suppose to work tomorrow AM so that gives me some time without interuptions. Yet I also need to do some housecleaning (yeck) and plan to put up new drapes and new curtains in living room and kitchen. I am being Suzi domestic which I unfortunately am not. I hate housework and such with a passion. I have a refrigerator magnet that says--"We both can't be beautiful at the same time, its me or the house".


  1. I need that fridge magnet!!! Too cute! ;)

    Sigh. I've been having extreme difficulties getting to my sewing machine all year...frustrating....

  2. I've been mourning my non-sewing time too. I could sew tomorrow, but my house, honestly, is crying to be dusted and cleaned up. Maybe next week. Good luck to you with your time management also.

  3. Linda,
    You are not alone. Though I am a SAHM I find it sometimes very hard to mananage domestic work.I joined FLYLADY, to get some help and I must say that it works. The house is more enjoyable and don't suffer from the ICHAH syndrom( I can't have anyone here ) any more.
    I dream myself as a domestic goddess, but I know I will never be.
    Anyhow, I am very glad that DH and 7 YODS notice my efforts and give me a hand.
    I guess that most people with a passion like us find it hard to cope with everyday's chores...
    Bon courage!!!


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