Meeting another Blogger

I was in Charlottesville on Monday visiting some of my staff in the area. Through the blogging world and contacts made through that, I learned that Elaray whose blog is Another Creation was in the area as well since her daughter attends college there.

We were able to meet up at Les Fabrique. It was a pleasure to meet a fellow blogger /sewist and her friend who does not sew but has great taste in fabric. I will have to take a photo of the fabric I bought influenced by the non-sewist who said something like "that would look great with a brown suit".

It was interesting that we talked about other bloggers' garments, fabrics, patterns and the like. It was like we knew so much about others through our joy of sewing and blogging.

I wish I could have stayed longer and visited some other stores with her and her friend but I had to return to Roanoke and work.

Elaray, I hope your trip was pleasant and that your return home was safe.


  1. How fun that you were able to meet a fellow sewing blogger! I am anxious to see the fabric you chose!

  2. Meetups can be so much fun. I've never met a fellow sewing blogger, but I did meet a friend that I made through my LiveJournal blog about five years ago-- she's become a good real life friend since then!

    That's so funny that you talked about other bloggers' projects as well! It's amazing how well you can feel like you know someone through these things.

    I tagged you for an award at my blog, too, if you want to check that out. No pressure. :)

  3. Linda, it was great meeting you! Starting with the fabric you bought, Dianne and I planned a holiday party outfit for you, down to the jewelry! A tailored suit using brown velveteen with bronze colored shoes and jewelry!!


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