I have just about finished the knit cardigan. I am thinking I should not call it a cardigan. It is a short sleeved jacket.

I also have to confess that in working on this just a few short moments ago, I realized that the front and front neckline hems are going to show when worn. I am glad I realized that before I decided to use my coverstitch machine for hemming this area. I have to admit, I am disappointed with this and wish that I had realized how this was going to shape up before I started this project.

I just am not a fan of seeing the turned under hem showing when the shawl collar is of course turned back. I don't have enough fabric to make a facing that I could attach in order to not have this look. I am really disappointed about this as I bought new shoes to wear with the dress and knit jacket. The shoes are a gorgeous green like the jacket and the green dots, stripes and piping used in the dress. I was so excited about this outfit but feel a little let down now.

I believe I mentioned that I purchased this fabric from a fabric store in Charlottesville, VA. The owner of the store is going to be a speaker at our upcoming ASG meeting next week and I had planned and will still wear the dress and jacket to the meeting. Good news is she is also bringing fabric and such to our meeting so some shopping will be a part of the meeting as well. Perhaps she will have some of the green knit!

I will have some photos to post later of the finished project.


  1. Oh no! Maybe this calls from some creative redesign. You could take off the collar and bind the CF/neck edge.

  2. Oh, I hate it when some little thing is off after putting so much work into a garment. Is there any way you can cover the hem with lace or ribbon or something like that? I hope you can figure out some way to bring it back up to the jacket you were hoping to get.

    Green shoes? Envy! I love green and love colorful shoes. :)


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