New Fabrics

New installments to the fabric collection.

From Les Fabrique: Both are cotton fabrics with a touch of Lycra. I have gotten stuck on teal, green and yellow. Using an idea from two other sewists, I am thinking a print skirt-pencil style- with a shirt/jacket garment in the solid color.

From EOS:

This is another cotton fabric that I finally deviated from the greens and teals. The background is an off white or creme. I thought skirt when I saw this one. But always subject to change.

This is a cotton twill that the colors are much nicer than the photo reveals. It is a gold, silver/gray, burgundy on creme background. The idea for this one is a dress.

The solid fabric is an Irish Linen that has a metallic side and a matte side. In real life, it has more gold undertones than silver but camera and filtering just did not capture that. I fell in love with Nancy's-Encue Creations- blouse. I found this fabric on some site but fell to bookmark the site and had to search again. Fortunately I found it on Emma One Sock site. Nancy has a "great white shirt" sew along going and I do like the McCall's pattern she has posted on her site for my new fabric.
Later, getting ready to travel.


  1. I especially love the twill and the linen. Gorgeous!

  2. I like Les Fabriques more each time I visit. I'm looking forward to going back in August. Will you be available?

  3. Great finds. I especially like the building print.

  4. Okay I'm mad that you got the printed pink/white piece from EOS. I watched it and watched it and when I finally decided I would it buy it...of course it was gone...then it turns up here to torture me! *LOL* I LOVE that piece!

  5. I love the pink and red printed fabric


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