A little sewing here and there

I got in just about 20 minutes of sewing last night. That enabled me to pleat the collar portion of the jacket and then to sew the collar seams together. Following along with the pattern instructions, I then sewed the collar center back seams together and then topstitched 1/4 inch from the center seam on both sides.

Next steps are to sew the back neckline to bottom of the collar; then I will baste the side seams for fitting purposes before serging side seams together. I will probably insert the sleeves before the final side seam sewing. The instructions call for inserting the sleeves in the round. Most sewists like to insert sleeves in knit tops using the flat method.

The final steps will be the hem stitching and I will finally get to use the coverstitch machine. Got to run, I am actually cooking dinner tonight.


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