To sew or not to sew

All week long I had visions of sewing various things this weekend. I will get to at least one. Even though I had the fabric laid out on cutting table with pattern attached for the Butterick skirt, I did not get to cut it out until this AM after returning from CURVES. I also cut out the lining fabric.

Today was 70+ today. After a snow storm last Sunday into Monday and to start the weekend with this type weather, I wanted to spend time out in the sunshine with no heavy coat on plus sweater, plus socks, etc. on. I am a lizard-give me sunshine and warmth. So I decided to give up some sewing time.

I took my company car to the car wash to get the salt, snow slush washed away. I was there with at least 20 other people with the same thing in mind. I then went to AC Moore to buy foam board. I am playing around with the Lutterloh system and find that this will allow me to insert the pin into the drafting tape and then into the foam board. This gives it more stability. This is part of their drafting system.

I then ran to grocery store to pick up some chicken breast for grilling tomorrow. Tonight I grilled cheeseburgers!

So after getting home around 3PM, I went to sewing room and tried out the foam board to redraft a pullover top pattern from the Lutterloh patterns. I then cut it out using some fabric I won through Burdastyle about a year ago. The fabric is interesting and feels great, it is just not exactly me! So if this pattern does not fit so well, I can use this top as a sleep top to go with pj's.

So I now have three patterns cut out and ready to go.


  1. I know you've already gotten this, but I also nominated you (a little late) for the Sisterhood Award. Keep on sewin' :)

  2. After such a long, harsh winter, people are in need of some sun. It's been so cold that it drains all ones energy.

    Good luck with the Lutterloh. Let us know if we need it.

  3. I'm getting very curios about the Lutterloh system. I'd love to hear your opinion.

  4. I'd like to hear about the Lutterloh system too! Watching their video, it seems easy to use, but how do their patterns fit? once made up?

  5. No kidding about wanting to spend time outside. You and I are sharing the same weather pattern. It's gorgeous outside!

    BTW...I like the way your blog design. :)

  6. LOL I am a lizard too. That is a good description.


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