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Have you heard or do you use the Lutterloh system? My curiosity about this system final got to me. I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend the price for this system so decided to check out Ebay. I won an auction last weekend for this,a somewhat lesser price, and it arrived yesterday. It is an interesting concept for drafting a pattern.

If you have experience with the program, leave me a comment on how well or not the system worked for a pattern draft and other information.

This will be a new project for me in the next few weeks. I am still going to work on the BWOF pattern to get it to fit right.


  1. I haven't heard of that, actually-- you'll have to keep us posted on how it works!

  2. I have this system, a new version I bought and then I actually found one from the 1980's in my grandmothers sewing stuff. Vintage are available on ebay back to the late 1930's. I've collected several vintage editions since. I love vintage patterns but getting them in the correct size is very difficult, for that reason an investment in the old Lutterloh's are great. Yes you will still have to make pattern adjustments, it's not magical enough to fit as perfectly as they would want to you to believe right out of the gate. I especially enjoy the supplements that are published quarterly. They are more up to date trend wise. They are available at Lutterloh's website and at designtofit"dot"com. You can also order replacement tape measures there and other items that work with the system.

    I use either swedish pattern paper from birchstreetclothing"dot"com or freezor paper to trace to. I love flipping through those books and all the possibility...nice to enjoy dreaming with a cup of hot tea.

  3. After using (or trying to use) lots of different pattern drafting software, I recently bought the Lutterloh system. I love it! I do have to adjust for my waist (or lack thereof) on all their patterns, but aside from that, everything so far has fit me beautifully. I was especially impressed with the pair of pants and a capris pattern I made recently. Finally, a great fit (after enlarging the waist) - I'm having a hard time staying out of the sewing room these days! For awhile there, I was so discouraged with the way patterns fit or didn't fit that I actually gave it up and became a quilter....but I'm back! (You do know about the group on PR, don't you?)

  4. I forgot to mention that the Lutterloh and Burda back crotch curve are very similar....so if you get a good fit with the Burda pant patterns, you likely will with Lutterloh too.

  5. i just purchased and received this system as well, so far i have only done 1 test item but it fit me pretty well. I just picked a simple top and drafted to see how i liked it.
    I have become very found and spoiled with the fit of my PatternMasters software so i don't think i will be using the Lutterhol often but, i do lust after the vintage books!!

  6. I have this too,2005 version and a vintage 1940's book. I made 1 test garment and got intimidated, but the design features and interchangeable parts still really intrigue me. I wish you could purchase single patterns. I use newspaper end rolls purchased very inexpensively from a local printer for pattern paper. Maybe we could tackle a group sew along


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