Jacket Finished and More Xmas Gifts

Today I started the morning as usual with coffee, blog and email readings. I went off to CURVES around 8:15. DH and I had to take his vehicle to dealer's service department for some work. We then ran around, ate lunch and did some shopping. I got another pair of shoes-casual wear. Photos later.

Upon returning home, I immediately went to my sewing room. I had pinned the chain to my jacket last night while watching TV. My plan today was to sew the chain and button on the jacket and mark that project complete. AND IT IS!

While doing this task, I cranked up the embroidery machine to make another post it note holder for ASG Christmas gifts for our upcoming Christmas luncheon. I have to say that the holidays are coming faster and faster. I am not really ready for all of this. I keep trying to find out what happened to summer. It just came and went.

Tomorrow, I hope to cut out the McCall's dress that will go with the jacket. I have some new wool fabric that I purchased from Fabric.com in October that I want to make up into some skirts. I will try to post some photos of those new fabrics. Two are wool crepe in taupe and cement and the other piece is wool gabardine in a camel color. I acquired some lining fabrics from Schoolhouse Fabrics, a fabric store about 40 minutes from Roanoke, that go with these wool fabrics beautifully.

Here are some more photos of my completed jacket.


  1. Really nice on you, can't wait to see the dresses.

  2. Oh Linda, that jacket is really beautiful!! You did a marvelous job! Congratulations. Isn't a wonderful feeling when you complete a garment? I can't wait to see your Butterick dress pattern and the new fabric you bought! I'm on a "fabric diet" through the end of the year, so I'll just have to indulge my appetite vicariously through you!

  3. Hey Linda! I've visited your blog before, but now I'm back as a member of the same Sew Craft Blog Group!

    What do your post-it note holder's look like. The sound like great gifts!

    Stop by and say hi.

  4. The jacket is beautiful but somewhere I missed something about the chain! Why did you add it? Does the jacket fly away if it's not weighted? I'm sorry if I didn't read everything but that chain has me going since I've been watching the jacket's progress because I want to make one!

  5. Your jacket looks wonderful on you.
    Great job.

  6. Where did you get the design for the post-it notes? I read in a previous blog it is done all in one hooping? Sounds perfect :)

  7. That is a great jacket! I was just reading your progress moving up through your posts, and the finished project looks perfect.


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