Progress with dress

Yesterday I did not do any sewing. I had to do the ususal Friday night shopping Saturday afternoon. I also just did not feel like sewing. Colds can kick butt. DH took me out to dinner so I did not have to cook. Yeah!

This AM I felt much better and after reading a few reviews at Pattern Review, I went into my sewing room and began the final steps of completing my dress. It is now hemmed and the front is topstitched. The final thing to do is sew on the snaps. I hate hand sewing but I am following the instructions for this dress and it calls for snaps, so snaps it will be. I really don't want buttons as it would distort the look I want.

I will do those this afternoon and then begin to think about what project next. I have several going through my mind. More later.


  1. Colds are such a nuisance!
    Hope you're feeling much better and can get some sewing in :)

  2. You are getting there! I don't think I could sew with a cold. I think all viruses should be banned!


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