I'm back and glad to be home!

I am back from Hagerstown. Business wise trip went okay. Personal side of the trip, I caught a terrible head cold. Yesterday driving back was tough with having to cough, blow my nose and trying to not let the medicine interfer with driving. I did not attend any meetings on Friday. I could not stand the idea of sitting in a room with a lot of people with me coughing and sniffing. Thankfully the session was not necessarily geared toward the work I do for my company. So I hit the road early and was back in town by 2 pm.

This morning I have been catching up on emails as the wireless and ethernet connection in my room did not work well at all. I should just say it did not work as the wireless signal was always poor and attempt to connect to the Internet were never successful.

I am off to take a shower as I have to do some grocery shopping as DH as to go to Danville to take care of family "stuff". Any sewing I wanted to do is postponed another day. Hopefully I will feel like finishing my dress tomorrow. Call me a "medicine head" right now!


  1. It seems like head colds are going around. I'm just getting over one I've had for 2 weeks. I hope you feel better and can get back to your sewing.


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