I love Holidays!

We get two floating holidays a year where I work. Yesterday was one of those holidays!

I had made an appointment 6 months ago with my doctor for checkup and of course I made it for yesterday at 8:00, so no sleeping in for this girl. Worked out just fine in the end. Unfortunately I have to go to an orthopedist regarding a knee problem I have; we think it is torn cartilage.

After doctor visit, I went to Panera Bread for a latte and cinnamon roll. Then stopped at grocery store for a few items and then home to sew. I did not get a lot of actual sewing done but I did work on fitting several patterns while I ran my embroidery machine. I don't embroider as much as I use to and yesterday I found that I missed that.

Go here and here to see what I was working on. While that was embroidering, I pin fitted and adjusted this pattern.

It is an OOP pattern that I bought on eBay several months ago. I love the look of it and most particularly the front tie. I am going to make the sleeveless version.

The front and back pieces are full pieces and will be cut on the bias. I needed to make a one inch FBA, so I had to adjust the pattern this way. I added 1/2 inch on each side to get the one inch. I used a combination of FFRP and Linda Maynard's technique to make this adjustment. I have not sewn a bias garment in ages so this will seem like a new sewing technique for me.
I also started the fitting process for the McCall's dress and the Butterick jacket pattern also.
All in all I felt my day was pretty productive.


  1. I like that one, when is it from?

  2. I love the lace...what are you going to put it on? And what about the coat dress...did you get the last snaps sewn on?

  3. Nice lace! I love to have my EMP6 embroidering while I am sewing something else. I had to scoot over to ebay and find McCalls 4591 because I've been looking for a pattern like that for a wardrobe builder. Thanks for sharing. Mary

  4. Nice pattern style.. Sounds like you had a very productive day.I love days like that too.

  5. Thank goodness for floating holidays! Your post reminded me that I'm glad I have a standalone embroidery machine along with my sewing machine. When both are running, it's a good feeling that time is being utilized very well in the sewing room :) .


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