Guess what today was?

Today was Wear a Dress Day per Erin at "A Dress A Day"! I forgot that it was though I pretty much read her blog daily. Even though I forgot, I did wear a dress today and one that I made.

Here is a few shots of the dress when I originally made it. This has been a great dress to wear. Wear it, wash it, dry it, and hang it for the next wearing. Can't get much better than that. This was fabric I purchased when in DC for ASG National Conference about three years ago now. I had enough left to make the Jalie Sweetheart Top.


  1. Cute dress! I wear a dress almost every day so I inadvertently participated without even realizing it! :)

  2. That's a lovely dress! And it doesn't get much better than that--pretty much wash and wear.

  3. Dang, I forgot! Well, at least I was wearing a skirt. Jealous of your dress!


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