Sewing, what is that?

This work week was busy, busy, busy. Most of it was spent on the road, which can be draining. I have looked into my sewing room and thought about my new dress waiting for me to start on.

I cut the openings in the buttonholes on my blouse and was going to sew the buttons on. No buttons sewn yet. I did re-thread the serger for use on the dress. I suppose that may count as quasi-sewing. These things I have done a few evenings this week. When you get home late-late for me is -past 7 pm, then energy is not so high.

Today DH and I have to go to Danville to deal with family stuff. So my plans for sewing today are postponed to later today. Tomorrow there will be opportunities.


  1. LOL Linda! Me too. No sewing, too much real life. Sniff.


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