Sewing-no blogging

I finished pin fitting the pattern yesterday after making numerous fitting adjustments-the usual ones=FBA, swayback, round back adjustment, upper chest and back 1/4 inch tuck.

I then cut out the dress including marking the fabric for darts, etc. I think the fabric will sew up well as it was very easy to cut out, not fiddly nor excessive raveling.

I then stitched the buttonholes for the blouse. One of the buttonholes just did not stitch out correctly so had to undo stitches, which is very time consuming. If anyone reading this has an easy way to remove buttonhole stitches, I am open to any and all suggestions. I began sewing the buttons on the blouse and hope to wear this later this week.

More later.


  1. Linda .- undo is one of the heavier work. unfortunately, I think that there is no technique, just patience. greetings, Paco

  2. No suggestions, just empathy! I've yet to make a garment I didn't need to unpick entirely and re-sew, at least once.

    The only advice I can offer is to get one of those lighted magnifying glass lamps. I picked one up at Staples, and it's EXCELLENT for picking out small stitches.

  3. I'm like you; it's either sewing or blogging. I can't do both. lol.

    I hate when I/machine produce a not so perfect buttonhole. Sorry no tips of easy removal.


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