Blouse is complete-except

I finished the blouse, whew! Now that I know what size is best and adjusted pattern pieces accordingly I think that I will make another blouse from this pattern. It runs on the large size so if you think you may want to make this remember that. Another important note about this pattern is that one pattern piece is mislabeled; it is appropriately identified in the instructions. I am not sure if that has been corrected in newer releases or not. It is one of the bottom front pieces.

It was not a difficult blouse to make; yet is does have several pattern pieces that require sewing together. You have separate bottom and top back and front pieces. They all went together well. The view I made has gathered sleeves at the sleeve cap and onto the sleeve cuff. Attaching the cuff to the gathered sleeve edge was a little fiddly.
I did not have the right buttons for this blouse and just to darn lazy to travel across town to see if JoAnn's had something. I hope so otherwise this will require a longer drive to an independent fabric dealer or online purchase. Thus I still need to make buttonhole and sew on buttons.

Here are some shots of the blouse on AlmaMarie:


  1. I have this blouse pattern and you've inspired me to make mine ASAP. The fabric you chose is so fun!

  2. The fabric your choose is so whimsical. I love it. The blouse looks great on AlmaMarie, I do hope you'll wear it. g

  3. Love that print! The blouse is really cute - good job!

  4. Linda .- congratulations on the blouse, lights fantastic. this reminds me of the fabric you used the great Elsa Shiaparelli. hugs, Paco

  5. What a lovely blouse on a beautiful fabric! Well done!


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