First I want to thank both of the Linda's who left a response regarding second bad karma dress! I know what the issues are now for this dress. One Linda, suggested using FFRP's FBA for princess dresses. That might be the right thing to do. I know one of the issues in reviewing the altered front pieces is that I did not clearly matching up the adjustments on each piece thus part of the wonky bust fitting. The other thing is that I need more FBA than what I did originally. I should have make 2.5 inch FBA instead of 2. That 1/2 inch probably would have help along with the proper alignment of both pieces.

Instead of starting a new project at this time, I decided to complete some UFO's. One was a dress I made last year that was just to full from the back waistline down. I basted deeper seams earlier in the week for this dress and today I stitched them down and removed the previous stitches to press the new seams.

I made a jacket and a dress late spring and had not sewn the hem in the dress or the lining. I needed to attach the lining to the zipper and back split. So I did that today also. I also put up some fabrics that were in my sewing room that I know I will not be sewing them any time soon.

I also went through some of my dress patterns as I want to sew up another polka dot fabric. This dots are large and of varying colors. It is a stretch woven, perhaps stretch cotton that I purchased from Textile Studios, perhaps two years ago. I think it will make a nice transitional piece; I just need to find the right pattern. When I purchased it I thought sheath style dress, and I have to admit I keep leaning toward that. I think it will showcase the dots well.

The rest of the day I fought with a headache. I keep getting them and seem to be coming more frequently. Feeling better now.



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