Bad Kharma

My dress is not going well. Remember this post about the ruching/bust/etc., I added the facings and the sleeves to the dress this afternoon. I again tried on the dress and the bust area is just not going to work. This is due to the bust adjustments I made to both the front and side front pieces are just not lining up correctly. Where the seam is on the front, the bust area is "pooching" out in the upper chest area and beneath the bust it is pulling. This then causes pulling on the other side where there is no front seam. It just feels wrong moving my arms and the bust area is simply too small. Letting out the front seam along with narrower side seam allowance is just not going to work.

I continued to play around with the front seaming to no avail. I am walking away from this one. It's time like this that I think that I will go back to making wearable art purses and just embroidering t-shirts. I am truly frustrated with myself at this time. Yes, I can hear some of you saying that is why you need to make a muslin. Well this one will count as that and I know what adjustments to make if I really want to salvage this pattern for future use.

I pulled out a knit dress pattern that I have made before and perhaps I will make up a knit dress using one of my new knit fabric purchases. I need a success project to make next.


  1. Sorry it's not working, but hey, that's sewing life! Anyhow, that's the way I try to look at things when sewing doesn't work the way I want (and that has been MANY times for me). Get to that knit dress--it will be beautiful!!!!

  2. This is such a beautiful dress that it is a shame that it won't work. I love this dress and really want to try it. What I am thinking is do a traditional FBA on the side without the gathers and then transfer the dart that will emerge into the gathered area. Then on the princess side, do a FBA on the front side panel as close to the seam line as you can (because the further you get to the armhole, the worst the armhole gets distorted in my experience) and then transfer that dart to the princess seam line. I just did this with Simplicity 2977 and using the FFRP method for doing a FBA on a princess line pattern. By doing my FBA on the princess side front, the only left I had to do was add the length needed to the front gathered panel. And I added that at the bust point which fell within the gathers. I can't tell from the line drawing if this spot works for your dress. I did my princess FBA closer to the seam line where my bust point is located. It looks like from the line drawing that the bust point is on the princess line. If it isn't and this is a side panel, then the FBA needs to be done on the front piece, which - OY! - what a pain.


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